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Find Your Voice 2015 rukristin
Lesson 3 of Find Your Voice has been fun and I could probably write a book. Oh, wait, I sort of am writing a book! This week we were looking at our basic facts, and which parts of our story we might like to emphasise. When I was younger the […]

Find Your Voice 3

Find Your Voice 2015 rukristin
The lesson for Week 2 of Find Your Voice was to think about all the ways we are already documenting our lives. As July/August suddenly seem to be the months of official administration, with remortgage deals, house insurance and Government forms I was reminded how much information organisations collect about us […]

Find Your Voice 2

Find Your Voice 2015 rukristin
I might have taken on too much this Summer. Here’s one reason; I’m taking a free six week class at rukristin called Find Your Voice and although I’ve done only one lesson, it is excellent! In this lesson we explored what stories we engage with regularly and our challenge was […]

Find Your Voice 1