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Animation Using Photoshop

Animation Using Photoshop

As this year hasn’t been the best for playing with paper, so I’m exploring simple animation using Photoshop. My idea is that I can send […]

birthdays are made for shopping

Making Cards Is Easy…Sometimes!

This is the internet, let’s only talk about successes. Making cards is easy…Sometimes. And usually when I’m not trying too hard to be perfect. Birthdays… […]

The Rainy Day is complete!

The Rainy Day | Days 24 to 33

Wet Race Meeting by Sybil Andrews was the choice for my next piece in #the100dayproject. The Rainy Day, as I called my version, took me […]

#the100dayproject continues with Escalating, completed in 1 day, 2hr 15m but over the course of 6 days!

Escalating | Day 23

It’s Wednesday today, this I know because I smiled and thanked our Bin Men this morning. And Escalating Day 23 means my fourth finished piece […]

escalating | day 22 progress

Escalating | Day 22

Today is proving to be one of those “bitty” days. You know the sort, where you start one job (e.g. writing a blog post) and […]

two days' progress on escalating

Escalating | Days 20 & 21

Today’s screenshot of the progress on Escalating, Days 20 and 21. When I work on this project in the evening I forget to take the […]

escalating | day 19 progress

Escalating | Day 19

There isn’t much progress on Escalating for Day 19. Truthfully, it felt like cheating today because I could copy and paste the people. And the […]

a new drawing today I call Escalating | #100dayproject

Escalating | Day 18

The linocut from Sybil today is one I call Escalating. I can imagine this scene, although I haven’t used an escalator since I was about […]

blow me down | day 17

Blow Me Down | Day 17

Yes, I definitely need to learn how to save line settings in Illustrator! It is easy enough to copy previous lines, but I’d like the […]

#the100dayproject day 16 progress

Blow Me Down | Day 16

Today I learned how to make a dashed line fade away at the end. Learning how save the settings ought to be my next job, […]



There is advice aplenty around the internet about forming good habits. Especially prevalent is the number of days required to build a new habit, ranging […]

blow me down | day 15 of #the100dayproject

Blow Me Down | Day 15

When I was browsing my gallery of Sybil Andrews’ art I saw the perfect piece to capture in Pantone’s Colour of the Year, Classic Blue. […]

my 2nd art piece finished for #the100dayproject

Taking The Strain | Day 14

Choosing this simpler drawing was a good idea. Another 12-day art project might have sapped my enthusiasm for #the100dayproject! I enjoyed this little piece, with […]

a new drawing for #the100dayproject called Taking The Strain

Taking The Strain | Day 13

After making Racing ‘Round The Bend such a complex art project, I decided Haulers by Sybil Andrews might be easier to draw. Sybil calls her […]

my progress on Motorbikes, #the100dayproject

Motorbikes | Day 12

Vroooom! And there they go, heading into the first corner… Here is the comparison with Sybil’s original art. This is my Illustrator version, with no […]

my progress on Motorbikes, #the100dayproject

Motorbikes | Days 8 to 11

Not only is my working Illustrator file a mess, I am too. No progress images because I forgot to save them. One day completely missed. […]

my progress on Motorbikes, #the100dayproject

Motorbikes | Day 7

The easy part! Well, the idea was easy; copy, paste and resize two more riders. It soon became clear I need more practise with layers […]

my progress on Motorbikes, #the100dayproject

Motorbikes | Day 6

With the rider complete it’s time to draw some swooshes for speed. Being new to Illustrator I didn’t know what would work best. Perhaps I […]

my progress on Motorbikes, #the100dayproject

Motorbikes | Day 5

There’s not a lot to say today. After all the fiddly line drawing yesterday I titivated* around the edges. The result is that it’s unclear […]

my progress on Motorbikes, #the100dayproject

Motorbikes | Day 4

Multi-tasking is a talent I thought I had. I listened to a podcast today while I worked on some of the details around the rider’s […]

my progress on Motorbikes, #the100dayproject

Motorbikes | Day 3

Another early start to the day at 6.30am. Unfortunately, I run out of steam by 11am and nothing much else happens. Guess what else I […]

my progress on Motorbikes, #the100dayproject featuring work by Sybil Andrews

Motorbikes | Day 2

The first rider is taking shape. I started early this morning, at 7 o’clock. It’s my sole achievement today, unless I include my 3 hour […]

#the100dayproject, #the100dayproject2020

Motorbikes | Day 1

The image of motorbikes caught my eye immediately. I can almost hear the noise of the engines, and imagine the wind in my face, even […]

the sketched owl gets a makeover, all pink


Drawn in Silhouette Studio, my owl is looking chic in its pink plumage.

It's The Twenties Again! Three months into a new year.

It’s The Twenties Again!

I intended to start the year proclaiming “It’s the Twenties again!” full of optimism, vim and vigour. I found an illustration that caught my eye, […]