A Christmas Robin Silhouette Studio Tutorial

Hello! I know, where have I been for the last three months, eh? The short version is ‘flu, a tooth abscess, general illness and feeling sorry for myself. a Christmas robin - Pinterest cardWhen inspiration finally tickles my senses it is for starting my Christmas card designs. Browsing Pinterest I spot this cute robin. “He’ll make a good subject for a Silhouette Studio video tutorial,” I think.

That’s when I realise how rusty I am; I waffle, I mumble a little bit, I forget how to do simple tasks. It’s true, practice makes perfect – or at least keeps skills well-oiled.

Even my computer seizes up! Well, it is relatively old and a recent Windows update seems to be a step too far. Rather than wait until my husband moves the spare computer into the kitchen to power my Cameo I’ll press ahead with the video tutorial. I expect the basic design of this card will work and I’ll just alter the colours when I do my test print and cut.

I prefer having a physical version to show you; it lets you know that I follow the process in the video myself and get the result I expect. Today I have only my perfect idea of what the card will look like.

I created this version in Photoshop, which also gave me some much needed practice and lots of enjoyment too.

Christmas Robin card created in Photoshop

I use this card as my guide for the Silhouette Studio tutorial.

I explain in detail how to draw the robin in Silhouette Studio making the video is quite long, around 41 minutes. By the time I discuss print and cut settings the video is almost one hour long, so I have split the reocrding in two.

A Christmas Robin – Silhouette Studio Tutorial (Drawing)

A Christmas Robin – Print and Cut (part 2)


  • Size: 5 x 5 inches square.
  • Font: Francy Full and Francy Outline from The Hungry JPEG.
  • Program: Silhouette Studio and Photoshop CC 2018.

The Finished Card – Print and Cut

It must be my week(s) for technical problems. First Windows 10 wandered off and forgot what it was doing, today my video editing software didn’t like my voice, or my images, or even its own in-built effects and promptly shut down upon exporting the recording! After six hours of persuasion, and in peril of permanent deletion, the program gave in and worked. I sincerely hope it behaves itself later this week because its little tantrum has put me behind schedule.

Here is a short talk-through of my finished robin Christmas card. It turned out alright in the end!

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