About Jane

Hello, let me start with the usual About Jane paragraph that’s always so hard to write! Obviously, I’m Jane Bradbury, a self-taught digital artist.

I take simple shapes and colours to create art for people to enjoy, connect with, and not be afraid to try for themselves.

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the only thing missing is a mug of tea

Having a disability that physically limits what I can do raises the question, “I wonder how I can do that??” and urges me to learn, whether I’m successful or not. I like all kinds of art and want it to inspire and encourage me. I try to create graphics that do the same, to express the ideas I have, swirling inside my head.  

I also say “Eh up me duck!” a lot. It’s a friendly greeting from the Nottinghamshire (UK) area where I grew up.

Like many people, I spent a lot of time decorating my school books with art and doodles. I rediscovered my love for design creating simple cross stitch charts in the mid-1990s. By mid-2000 I was obsessed with digital photography and digital scrapbooking, learning everything I could about digital graphic design.


PlannerFest | July 2019 | Manchester, UK

PlannerFest is an annual event celebrating the love of planners and stationery with a festival vibe. Sometimes I just throw myself in at the deep end and here at the first PlannerFest event I taught a workshop – in person.

Mama Makes The Jane Bradbury Collection | November 2019

Following on from PlannerFest came the opportunity to design a stamp collection for Loti-Maria of Mama Makes. Seeing Loti demonstrate my stamps in her Mama Makes hour on Hochanda TV has to be a highlight of 2019.

Other Things I’m Doing

My love of learning continues as I keep pushing the boundaries of what I can do, with varying degrees of success. One place I’ve found invaluable for challenging me to improve my art is Skillshare. Throughout 2019 I’ve had a subscription to Skillshare, where I’ve watched almost 50 hours of video tutorials.

And I’ve still so much to learn!

While I was learning how to use the Silhouette Studio software I recorded a few YouTube tutorials. The videos chart my journey of making cards and learning how to use the Cameo electronic cutter.

But now my interest is shifting, with a return to doodling, and wanting to learn Adobe Illustrator. Art journaling, planner stickers, surface pattern design – I want to try it all. And for this new art journey I have a new YouTube channel:

Contacting Jane

If you would like to explore working with me please drop me a note! Thank you for stopping by, see you again soon!

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