Bee Happy At Home | Vector Drawing

Sitting in our garden yesterday evening with a glass of wine we notice bees hovering around the space between our kitchen and bathroom windows.They seem to bee happy at home – our home! We watch from a safe distance, musing that the strong breeze is blowing the bees off course. Or there’s something very interesting on our roof.

My husband bravely inches closer to investigate, and spots them crawling through a hole, probably into our loft. This is our cue to run inside for internet research.

The Bumblebee Conservation Trust tells us to leave them alone. I particularly like this advice:

It has also been found that bumblebees can become alerted to the presence of an intruder if they are breathed upon. Accordingly, it is best to try to avoid breathing on the nest.

“Darling, you can move the bumblebees but you need a red LED light and don’t breathe…” Move them… where?

If we remember we can close up the hole during Winter so they don’t return. However, if the bumblebees are good tenants (and don’t sting me) I might let them rent again next year!

Bees need all the help they can get.

Bee Happy At Home Vector Art

The bees inspired me, even though I’m not much of an artist. I found a simple house design on Graphic Stock.

simple house from Graphic StockSometimes I use the designs as is, but in this case I opt to use the image as a guide and draw my own version.

So that in the future I can resize my drawing (well, I might want to use it again, who knows?) I do all my drawing with vectors in PaintShop Pro.

You can see how to draw simple shapes with vectors in my You Tube video post, Get Ready for Valentine’s Day.

This design is a little more advanced, although the shapes are quite simple. In total the whole drawing took me about 3 hours, but I wasn’t checking closely.

bee happy at home | vector drawing in PaintShop Pro

In the interests of inclusion I removed the steps to make this a wheelchair-accessible home – it’s got to be (relatively) true to life you know. 🙂

I kept the colour scheme, and did consider adding brick fill to the house and path so that it’s like my home. But it’s just a fun drawing, not meant to be that realistic so I left them as solid colour. I am a bit proud of the plant pot; it looks almost as good as the original.

With a minor alteration to the sky and an additional cloud it also fits a notecard.

Bee Happy At Home | Notecard


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