Blow Me Down | Day 15

When I was browsing my gallery of Sybil Andrews’ art I saw the perfect piece to capture in Pantone’s Colour of the Year, Classic Blue. There shouldn’t be any problem choosing the colours this time; classic blue, black and a neutral background.

Sybil called her art piece Gales; Blow Me Down immediately came to my mind, so that’s what I’ll call my version.

This morning I began with a freehand sketch. And now you know why I don’t sketch very often! Illustrator is great at smoothing my wonky lines, but even so, this is a bit of a mess.

continuing my #100dayproject - a new art piece today, Blow Me Down, starting with a very rough sketch
blow me down, what a mess!

The legs turned out well though! The sketch took me 45 minutes; I am not a speedy sketcher.

This evening I decided to draw some more, perhaps for half an hour. Doesn’t time fly when you’re engrossed in a task you enjoy?

adding colour and shapes to my messy sketch and now it's looking better
blow me down | day 15 of #the100dayproject
it’s taking shape

Time today: 170 minutes/2hrs 50m

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