Blow Me Down | Day 17

Yes, I definitely need to learn how to save line settings in Illustrator! It is easy enough to copy previous lines, but I’d like the practise of drawing each one without the settings reverting to default.

Blow Me Down is finished before lunch, and I think I’ll dive into my Illustrator class this afternoon. And I’ll have to pick my next project to work on. I might even be tempted to start it later today.

Blow Me Down | Day 17 my finished project.
there were only a few lines to add this morning

In Photoshop I added a texture overlay and a pretend frame. My vision is blurred again, so this might look worse than I realise!

Blow Me Down with texture and a frame added, how I imagine it might look on a wall.
Blow Me Down

Trying to describe how much I love these projects is difficult. I can’t keep saying “I love this piece!” without sounding insincere.

But I do really, really like all the pieces so far.

Time today: 35 minutes

My total time for Blow Me Down: 265 minutes/4hrs 25m over 3 days

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