Brand Design Services

My brand design services are occasional projects. I enjoy working with graphics, especially fonts and making things fit. I adore general layout design, and getting a page to look just right. I thrive on organising, lists and plans and stationery with a proper header, and decent line spacing. I could organise for England!

Brand Design Services –  graphics

Brand design services are specifically tailored to meet your needs, however some general rules of thumb apply:

  • Graphics will be simple, clean designs, looking good in colour or black and white.
  • Fonts will be easy to read, clear and sharp.
  • There will be lots of white space, to offer balance to the eye.
  • Attention paid to details, I’m finicky and it’s got be as good as I can make it.
Brand Design Services | Jessy and Jo logo

Brand Design | Jessy & Jo

Brand Design Services | Catkins Cattery

Brand Design | Catkins Cattery

Catkins Cattery | Brand Design |

A design good enough to be seen everywhere!

  • Social media banners will be designed individually, not resized to fit. The banners below fit Twitter, Google+ and Facebook specifically, to make sure nothing is lost under profile pictures and on-screen text.
Social Media | Brand Design Services

Social Media | Brand Design Services

A Little Different

Photos are important in promotional material but unless they are professional studio shots they often pose problems for a designer. One solution is to remove background detail, turn the photo into a sketch and add patches of selective colour. It can turn an ordinary photo into a workable design.

Flyer and Business Card Design |

A flyer and business card design with my cousin Michael in action entertaining the children

Brand Design Services – website design

My primary focus is WordPress; it’s versatile, free and allows you do the most with the least. My website is self-hosted i.e. I pay a yearly fee to a web host rather than use services. This allows me the freedom to choose themes and to customise how my site looks. It will also give my site room to grow, should I ever wish to expand, e.g. a members’ only area, or shopping cart.

I focus on using clean themes that are easily customised and keep plugins to a minimum because they can affect the running of the site. A website’s sole aim is to provide you, the reader, with what you are looking for in a timely manner.

Good, clean design wins hands down in delivering the right information at the right time in the right format.

With any website there needs to be great content, written to attract search engines as well as people. It’s a crowded world out there and we need to stand out in our chosen arena. I use the principle expounded on Yoast; keystone content that ranks well. That means specific pages or posts designed around one keyword, or phrase, where I can have this website stand out in search results. This doesn’t happen overnight, it takes time, good writing and lots of fine tuning but it works, without fail.

If you would like to explore using my brand design services please get in touch via the contact page.

Brand Design Services | Availability

Remember, you can get in touch via the contact page if you would like to arrange brand design services. All discussions begin with a free 15 minute chat to see if I can help you.