Arthrogryposis and Crohn’s Disease

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Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita, it’s a bit of a mouthful. Some might say I’m a bit of handful. A match made in heaven, eh?

Arthrogryposis and Crohn’s Disease, they don’t have to be together. But I like a challenge and why limit myself to one disability?

Lee Pearson | Equestrian | Arthrogryposis

Lee Pearson Flies The Flag

Lee Pearson flies the flag at the 15th Paralympic Games, starting in Rio de Janeiro tonight with the Opening Ceremony. The 10-times Paralympic champion Lee […]

Wednesday wheels |

Wednesday Wheels

I may start a new feature – Wednesday Wheels – in praise of wheelchairs, that piece of equipment that can make, or break, our independence. […]

Ten Years With Arthrogryposis

Ten Years with Arthrogryposis

The first ten years with Arthrogryposis meant hospital, operations and walking with calipers. I didn’t know anything different and didn’t give it that much thought. […]

Arthrogryposis History

Arthrogryposis History

First of all, a little Arthrogryposis history. The word derives from Greek, meaning “curved joint”.  Multiplex Congenita describes having more than one curved joint, or […]