Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita, it’s a bit of a mouthful. Some might say I’m a bit of handful. A match made in heaven!

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It’s AMC Awaresness Day on Thursday, 30 June 2016. Thank you to AMCSupport in America for freely sharing images we can use.


Making Fun Newsletter Images in PaintShop Pro X9 |
This morning I’ve been making fun newsletter images. TAG, The Arthrogryposis Group UK have a Family Weekend coming up in October, and this newsletter provides all the nitty-gritty details. I wanted to make it ineteresting because there’s a lot of text and numbers to get through. The problem is people […]

Making Fun Newsletter Images

Lee Pearson | Equestrian | Arthrogryposis
Lee Pearson flies the flag at the 15th Paralympic Games, starting in Rio de Janeiro tonight with the Opening Ceremony. The 10-times Paralympic champion Lee Pearson has been named as Great Britain’s flag bearer for Wednesday’s opening ceremony of the XV Games in Rio. The 42-year-old equestrian rider from Staffordshire […]

Lee Pearson Flies The Flag

The Arthrogryposis Group UK needs you!
The TAG Family Weekend is taking place on 1-2 October 2016 – and it needs you. The Arthrogryposis Group (TAG) UK is the national support group for people with Arthrogryposis and their families, founded in 1984 by Diana Piercy. Around 200 babies are born with Arthrogryposis each year in the […]

TAG Family Weekend

Wednesday wheels |
I may start a new feature – Wednesday Wheels – in praise of wheelchairs, that piece of equipment that can make, or break, our independence. Wheelchairs are more than equipment, and therein lies the problem; the powers that be see them as mobility aids. We know our wheelchairs are more […]

Wednesday Wheels

NHS wheelchair provision is hamstrung by incompetence
Your wheelchair is your life. You depend upon it to move from room to room, to go outside, to go further than your  front door. However, NHS wheelchair provision is hamstrung by incompetence, and this wastes money and time on a grand scale, while denying me mobility and independence. My […]

NHS Wheelchair Provision is Hamstrung by Incompetence

Use a disabled loo in peace?
Sam Cleasby’s heartfelt question, “Invisible disabilities at gigs – Why can’t I use the disabled loos in peace?”  is one many people might echo. Coupled with trying to use ramps, or the only set of automatically opening doors, battling against people using two fully working legs, this question has been […]

Use a Disabled Loo in Peace? Not Likely, Love

Ten Years With Arthrogryposis
The first ten years with Arthrogryposis meant hospital, operations and walking with calipers. I didn’t know anything different and didn’t give it that much thought. This is my life, like your life is yours, and we just get on with it. I remember nothing of early operations; odd flashbacks to […]

Ten Years with Arthrogryposis

Arthrogryposis History
First of all, a little Arthrogryposis history. The word derives from Greek, meaning “curved joint”.  Multiplex Congenita describes having more than one curved joint, or contracture at birth. I have the “classic” form of Arthrogryposis, or amyoplasia, affecting both arms and legs. Arthrogryposis History In Arthrogryposis, A Text Atlas1 (edited […]

Arthrogryposis History