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Digital scrapbooking with Photoshop, documenting my weekly life. The aim is to produce a yearly photobook. But sometimes I’m rubbish at remembering to take photographs.

And then I remind myself that all the little details of daily life are important. That’s why Week In The Life™, Day In The Life™ and DecemberDaily® are great projects.  By taking the time to record details of our daily lives we experience that life more fully. Here’s a brief introduction to digital scrapbooking and why I choose to create photobooks for my memories.

What’s the best thing about digital scrapbooking with Photoshop for me? No mess and I can hide my mistakes!

my Christmas journal 2018 beginnings

Beginning A Christmas Journal

I’m doing a Christmas Journal! I didn’t decide to do this project until Friday 30 November, very Last-Minute-Lucy of me. Beginning a Christmas journal is […]

Sketchtember #23 page template

Sketchtember #23

There’s just one week left of Sketchtember at 2PeasRefugees. Daily page sketches to challenge us to get scrapbooking, or card-making. It’s been a great challenge […]

Sketchtember #8 template and finished page

Sketchtember #8

It’s Sketchtember at 2PeasRefugees, daily page sketches to challenge us to get scrapbooking, or card-making, or creating anything. You’re welcome to join us, the more […]

Scrapbook 2018 - the photobook is half way there with 45 pages done

Scrapbook 2018

This weekend I’ve had an urge to organise all my digital files, and I’ve made good progress. It’s a useful task while watching the Wimbledon […]

Template Tuesday Four | Tea

Template Tuesday Four

In the blink of an eye February is almost over and it’s time for Template Tuesday Four. The online crop that is 28-4-28 is coming […]

Template Tuesday Three |

Template Tuesday Three!

Already Template Tuesday Three has arrived, and it doesn’t seem two minutes – or two templates – ago that we started the 2Peas Challenge.  It’s […]