My Daily Art and Determination

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Years ago I kept a physical diary. Now, I’m writing my Daily Art and Determination digital diary. Art in progress, life lessons I learn, interesting things I find, the Silhouette Studio projects that never see the light of day. So much of what I do stays hidden on my computer until I deem it “good enough” to share.

I’m halfway there; I am doing art every day but I’m lacking the sharing department. That’s where Daily Art and Determination meet.

The Rainy Day is complete!

The Rainy Day | Days 24 to 33

Wet Race Meeting by Sybil Andrews was the choice for my next piece in #the100dayproject. The Rainy Day, as I called my version, took me […]



There is advice aplenty around the internet about forming good habits. Especially prevalent is the number of days required to build a new habit, ranging […]

the sketched owl gets a makeover, all pink


Drawn in Silhouette Studio, my owl is looking chic in its pink plumage.