My Daily Art and Determination

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Years ago I kept a physical diary. Now, I’m writing my Daily Art and Determination digital diary. Art in progress, life lessons I learn, interesting things I find, the Silhouette Studio projects that never see the light of day. So much of what I do stays hidden on my computer until I deem it “good enough” to share.

I’m halfway there; I am doing art every day but I’m lacking the sharing department. That’s where Daily Art and Determination meet.

Animation Using Photoshop

Animation Using Photoshop

As this year hasn’t been the best for playing with paper, so I’m exploring simple animation using Photoshop. My idea is that I can send […]

The Rainy Day is complete!

The Rainy Day | Days 24 to 33

Wet Race Meeting by Sybil Andrews was the choice for my next piece in #the100dayproject. The Rainy Day, as I called my version, took me […]



There is advice aplenty around the internet about forming good habits. Especially prevalent is the number of days required to build a new habit, ranging […]

the sketched owl gets a makeover, all pink


Drawn in Silhouette Studio, my owl is looking chic in its pink plumage.