PaintShop Pro X8

A bit of what I know about my favourite graphics program

father's day card challenge 2017 |
Katherine, my friend, once again keeps me busy, this time with a Father’s Day card challenge. I have a Pinterest board called Can I Make This In PaintShop Pro?  for those ideas I see and say to myself “I wonder if I can…?”  I am a bit sneaky though; I […]

Father’s Day Card Challenge 2017

Bee Happy At Home |
Sitting in our garden yesterday evening with a glass of wine we notice bees hovering around the space between our kitchen and bathroom windows.They seem to bee happy at home – our home! We watch from a safe distance, musing that the strong breeze is blowing the bees off course. […]

Bee Happy At Home | Vector Drawing

Changing Colour of PNG Images in PaintShop Pro | process video
Changing colour of PNG images in PaintShop Pro means you can stretch your digital supplies even further. PNG images have transparent backgrounds, meaning you can place them on top of other elements on your digital page. Often called digital stamps they comprise single words, phrases or words with a small […]

Changing Colour of PNG Images in PaintShop Pro

Easy Watercolour Effect in PaintShop Pro
Did you know that you can create an easy watercolour effect in PaintShop Pro? I taught myself this technique about ten years ago, and it’s one of my favourites. I remember it took hours of playing with effects, making sure it worked on as many different photographs as possible. Then […]

Easy Watercolour Effect in PaintShop Pro

How to print digital downloads with PaintShop Pro |
This video is the short (cough, splutter) introduction of how to print digital downloads with PaintShop Pro. I thought ten or fifteen minutes plenty of time to explain the knotty problem of resolution. The irritation of digital downloads printing at different sizes. Surely it’s enough time to address why our […]

How To Print Digital Downloads With PaintShop Pro

Christmas Postmark PSP X6
    Here is my first tutorial (in a very long time!) just in time for Christmas. There are plenty of screenshots, so I’ve classed this as Skill Level: Intermediate but you will still need to know your way around PaintShop Pro X6. The tutorial should also be compatible with PSP […]

Christmas Postmark – PSP X6 Tutorial