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My journey in Photoshop Creative Study, from digital scrapbooking to art journaling. Photo editing and photo compositing, textures and effects.

I use Silhouette Studio and the Cameo 3 when I want to cut card or paper. However, many design ideas begin in either Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop.

Photoshop creative study is where I can experiment more easily. With Rotate View I can scribble away with my Wacom pen and enjoy making a mess – that no one else can see!

It's The Twenties Again! Three months into a new year.

It’s The Twenties Again!

I intended to start the year proclaiming “It’s the Twenties again!” full of optimism, vim and vigour. I found an illustration that caught my eye, […]

Happy New Year - Big Ben

The New Year In My View

Happy New Year! I hope everyone enjoyed the Christmas and New Year season? The New Year, in my view, is one of the best times […]

in my view december 2018 update

In My View #2

In my view #2, the December 2018 update encompassing where I am now and my hopes for the month ahead. With the beginning of December […]

thumbnail for the post, showing the view from my window

In My View #1

It’s a wet and windy day here, with occasional bursts of sunshine. One minute it’s a bit nippy at the craft table, the next I’m […]

perfect prints every time |

Perfect Prints Every Time | Video

In this PaintShop Pro video I address a common problem; how to get perfect prints every time when it comes to size. I often see […]

Bee Happy At Home |

Bee Happy At Home | Vector Drawing

Sitting in our garden yesterday evening with a glass of wine we notice bees hovering around the space between our kitchen and bathroom windows.They seem […]

We R memory Keepers Cinch Binding Tool

It’s A Cinch!

My first time using the We R Memory Keepers Cinch binder has me hooked. I can honestly say “It’s a Cinch!” to use, and I […]

Designer Pride | Catkins Cattery

Designer Pride

I hope designer pride doesn’t go before a fall because I smile when I think “A little corner of England has my mark on it!” […]