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new life for old photos paintshop pro video process
Today’s video challenge: is there new life for old photos? It depends; how’s that for sitting on the fence? There are some old photos that may prove immune to digital editing. Today, I was fortunate that the photo my Mum dropped on my table yesterday made a relatively good subject […]

New Life For Old Photos Process Video

Draw A Heart In Silhouette Studio 4 | video tutorial
It’s time for a new video tutorial. Today I show you how to draw a heart in Silhouette Studio 4. Not very exciting at first glance, so how about learning to dress your heart up? I’ll show you how to add a text with a shadow (and you won’t need […]

Draw A Heart In Silhouette Studio 4

Silhouette Studio Version 4 \
I’m back with a video, this time to show you how to draw a bird in Silhouette Studio 4. This is the new version of the design software for the Silhouette electronic cutting machines. I am not an expert user although I am appreciating more each day how great this […]

Draw A Bird In Silhouette Studio 4

Changing Colour of PNG Images in PaintShop Pro | process video
Changing colour of PNG images in PaintShop Pro means you can stretch your digital supplies even further. PNG images have transparent backgrounds, meaning you can place them on top of other elements on your digital page. Often called digital stamps they comprise single words, phrases or words with a small […]

Changing Colour of PNG Images in PaintShop Pro

Easy Watercolour Effect in PaintShop Pro
Did you know that you can create an easy watercolour effect in PaintShop Pro? I taught myself this technique about ten years ago, and it’s one of my favourites. I remember it took hours of playing with effects, making sure it worked on as many different photographs as possible. Then […]

Easy Watercolour Effect in PaintShop Pro

PaintShop pro Process Video | Valentine Card
Welcome to my first PaintShop Pro process video where I recreate the Valentine card from last week’s project. Goodness, it’s taken me a few days to get this organised and I admire the people who do this regularly. Recording video is easier than taking multitudes of screenshots and writing out […]

Process Video | Valentine Card