Changing Colour of PNG Images in PaintShop Pro

Changing colour of PNG images in PaintShop Pro means you can stretch your digital supplies even further. PNG images have transparent backgrounds, meaning you can place them on top of other elements on your digital page. Often called digital stamps they comprise single words, phrases or words with a small design, such as a circle or rectangle border.

Why is changing the colour of PNG images useful?

  1.  It stretches your digital supplies further. You have more options to use your digital stamps/images ifyou can change the colour to suit your paper or photograph.
  2.  Using a black digital stamp on a black and white photo means you have to find a white area it fits for it to be visible. Simialrly, if the digital stamp is only white, you have to find a black area, or other colour, for it to be visible. Being able to change the colour means you can use either colour in any position.

In the video I show you how to change the colour of two most common types of PNG image/digital stamp:

  • Wednesday – a simple letter stamp with a line border;
  • Everyday story – white lettering on a solid colour background wtih round edges.

Changing colour of PNG images in PaintShop Pro

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