a collaboration with Adobe and The Ocean Agency
From the Create Change. Create Waves article:

"The United Nations recently announced the Ocean Decade, a pivotal time for science and sustainability efforts for a healthy ocean.
Together, Adobe and The Ocean Agency are working with artists to inspire support for ocean conservation."

We had a toolkit of free assets to help us, from colour schemes to photos to artwork.

I wasn't intending to make anything for #CreateWaves. Having a little break from Illustrator, I was playing with watercolour brushes in Photoshop when a whale fin photo caught my eye in the library of assets.

With simple flip and a change in Blend Mode to Pin Light I realised I'd accidentally made something good!
Photo Credit: Michele Roux, Ocean Image Bank
The negative space at the bottom needed filling, but I was reluctant to just plop "Save Our Ocean" in there. Have you noticed you can never think of a pithy quote when you need one?

Disappearing Lives isn't pithy, but at the time captured my thoughts about all the life in the ocean disappearing every day under our noses Life we perhaps didn't even know about, as probably 80% of our ocean remains unexplored.

The letters need to look as if they are sinking beneath the waves, so I used a mask and the brush I used to paint the shadows and highlights. Of course, I have no idea which fabulous Kyle T Webster brush I used, and now will not be able to recreate this effect - ever!

With the quote in place I painted more wave splashing highlights around the letters, and also added the smallest of shadows to the letters for definition. Here's a little time-lapse of how this all worked together:
#CreateWaves Video Showcase
In October 2021 my little artwork was featured in a collection fabulous pieces, put together by @AdobeGenCreate. See if you can spot it!
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