Cropping Images in Silhouette Studio Process Video

You all know that you can use any JPG or PNG image in the Silhouette software. Have you also tried cropping images in Silhouette Studio, using just parts of an image, to build a different design? We can mix and match, crop and cut apart, and get much more from our image files. We don’t have to use images only in their original form; we can be creative.

Tracing Without Tears

I stumbled across a video series by Tracing Without Tears by Clever Someday and it is well worth watching. She explores the technical details behind the tools of tracing in Silhouette Studio, with helpdul examples. It explains the behavious of tools like Crop, or Subtract and why perhaps they don’t always work like you expect them to. This series helped me understand tracing better and improve my skills. How did I manage before? Well, I cheated a lot by creating with PaintShop Pro exact masks (in black) of images I wanted to cut out.

Quentin Spells

This is the first video in a little series about tracing and cropping images that I’ve called Quentin Spells. Using images from The Wise Wizard Magical Collection I crop and pull apart images to make a little Halloween card design.

I really loved the little fox in this bundle, so much that I named him Quentin. Here he is on my first card:

Quentin Spells Card 1 cropping images in silhouette studio

Oh! Well, you’ll get to see more of Quentin in the video. And talking of the video, it’s all about how to crop an image and layer it behind other pieces to make an entirely different design. For this card I pinched the legs from one image and the tail from another to hide them behind the hat.

I’ll be back with more of Quentin and his spells soon, until then, enjoy!


None of the links above are affiliate links; they are for information only. All supplies bought and paid for. This is not a sponsored post; I simply like these graphics and especially Quentin.
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