100 Days Project 2020

The 100 Day Project for 2020. Art every day, with the emphasis on daily practise and no rush to finish a piece.

I work slowly. Not for me is the daily posting of complete sketches or illustrations because they are nothing but scribbles.

When I practise every day I see the improvements in my skill. I lose myself in the process and I love it. Yet the daily practise is so hard to do. I’m sure I spend more time thinking about drawing than doing it!

#the100dayproject might just give me the nudge I need to practise every day. To reduce the fear of the blank page and wondering what to draw, I’ve chosen to copy the works of Sybil Andrews (1898-19982).

I discovered Sybil’s work in February and immediately fell in love with the energy, shapes and colour of her linocuts. I want to understand how, and why, the images work and are so powerful. The best way to do that is not simply by looking, but by doing. In replicating my favourites pieces from Sybil’s portfolio my goal is to create my own design.

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