Design And Print A Stamp

It’s so easy to design and print a stamp that I’m already on Stamp #3. I promised my husband, Ian, he could have one of his very own. He didn’t give me any prompts so I decided to use his amateur radio callsign with a radio mast.

my first design and print stamp with an amateur radio callsign and mast

While busy drawing the radio mast it suddenly occurred to me that the letter A makes a perfect mast. It’s very simple, but it’s already being stamped all over the place!

“Did you know,” says Ian, “The RSGB (Radio Society of Great Britain) has a logo that you can add the callsign to? In fact, many of the radio societies use a similar logo…” And now we’re searching amateur radio societies logos on Google Images.  All this leads to Ian wondering if he can have the RSGB logo with his callsign – and perhaps even two colours, blue and red?

Well, I can hardly refuse. After all, he is letting me spend a small fortune on supplies!

Here is the design in Silhouette Studio. I quickly tried designing in Mint Studio but missed my usual tools. Stamp designs are easily imported to Mint Studio from Silhouette Studio 4 so there’s every reason to stick with the program that you know well.

a screenshot of the callsign stamp design in silhouette studio 4

I change the units of measurement to millimetres and the page size to correspond with the stamp size. I also make use of Layers, to make a size guide for the stamp. This guide layer can be locked, which stops it interfering with the rest of the design as you work. I still need a guide because the stamp size is 15mm wide by 30mm high and the minimum page size is 25mm in Silhouette Studio. Without my guide I might have made the stamp too wide.

Here is the design, imported to Mint Studio and flipped, ready for sending to the Mint.

design and print a stamp - ready for sending to the Mint machine

Unusually, there is a video of the stamp… printing? Stamp creation? I never know what to call it! Ian makes the stamp himself. I may give him a job inking future stamps; he has a steady hand. Here is a photo of the finished result; we’re quite proud of our two-colour stamp!

our design and print a stamp is complete, with the RSGB logo and Ian's callsign

Yes, it’s turning up all over the place. I think Ian is stamping anything radio-connected that belongs to him!

Design And Print A Stamp


  • Fonts:
  • Program: Silhouette Studio 4 (Business Edition) , Mint Studio
  • Printer: Silhouette Mint!
None of the links above are affiliate links; they are for information only. All supplies bought and paid for.
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