Designer Pride

I hope designer pride doesn’t go before a fall because I smile when I think “A little corner of England has my mark on it!”

I’ve had proud moments before – three cross stitch designs in an Australian art exhibition was an achievement¬† – but I appreciate this one because it’s the first since recovering from illness and surgery.

Feeling creative in February I designed this logo for Helen’s Catkins Cattery. It still makes me smile when I see it.

Designer Pride | Catkins Cattery |
Brand Design | Catkins Cattery

Designer Pride

Design commissions fill every waking moment when they are in progress. Once the job is complete they fade from memory as the next one demands attention. Seeing photos of how Helen’s using her new logo reminds me of the fun creating the design. It also means I’m being careful of my big head and narrow doorways!

Designer Pride | Catkins Cattery |
Stand out with eye-catching logo design!

I want a signpost like this! If I can have the complementary glorious blue sky and neat greenery too. One design, many uses – and I am happy to see it looks good in all situations.

I know, lots of people have logos designed every day that look as good, if not better. But this is my design, and it’s travelling around the Buckinghamshire area for anyone to see and it makes me happy. Not because it’s my design and I’m proud, although that’s enough; I did something that made someone else happy and proud too, and that’s everything.

If you spot the Catkins Cattery logo around Iver, Bucks then snap a photo and let me know. Email or send me a tweet @janebradbury

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