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Saturday, 3rd June, is our 16th wedding anniversary. Inspired by the George Ezra song, Listen To The Man (this great video with Ian McKellen and George is also below), I made a digital scrapbook layout, back to the old tradition of layers, drop shadows and even, realistic flair buttons.

digital scrapbook layout | listen to the man | george ezra

I may well have chosen this photo becaue he’s wearing a hat like Ian McKellen. Occasionally Ian muses, “People should wear more hats.” Sadly, I think this one is now crushed in the back of the wardrobe, but he looked good in it for a while.

Him: “Duck, (a term of endearment like darling) have you left your computer on for a reason? After all, you’re lying down and will probably be asleep in five minutes flat!”

Me: “I thought I might need it later on…”

Him: “Right. So, nothing to do with the new desktop photo it’s sporting then?”

Me: “No, not at all.” (Waits for the effusive praise of my digital skills…. Falls asleep for an hour.)

Him: “Whoa, oh oh… whoa oh oh… Alexa, play Listen To The Man by George Ezra…”

Me: “You like it then?”

With my desktop photo due for a change, what better than to have my husband smiling out at me for the month of June? So, I have a computer desktop and a 6 x 8 inch page for our yearly photobook.

Digital Scrapbook Layout | The Details

Initially this page was easy to do. The template I picked up at 2PeasRefugees, the sketch challenge for May, and I knew immediately the title and the photo I wanted to use. The colours were easy to decide too; I picked pink, grey, dark purple, brown and green from the photo and created a striped strip of paper. The dark purple behind the photo looks perfect, and I like the separation of the photo into three pieces.

Then, I stalled – for two weeks.

I tried my usual paper texture on the background, and didn’t like it. The pink without any detail looked too solid and – pink! The neutral beige mat added nothing, and I wondered if I’d ever finish the page at all.

Yesterday I opened up PaintShop Pro and determined to either finish it, or throw it in the recycle bin.

I decided that a smooth paper look was my aim, rather than texured paper. I plundered my brush files and found the lines and circles and stamped them with a slightly darker pink and a white. For a change I didn’t put the details on a separate layer and lower the opacity to make them appear faded, which is my usual method. This time I lowered the opacity of the brush instead, to about 16% – does it matter which way I do it? No, not really, but sometimes I forget to try altering the actual tool options instead of relying on layer blend modes or opacity. However for the beige mat behind the photo I used an overlay texture I created about seven years ago. It is quite subtle and almost matches The Hat!

A Digital Detour

flair button 2008 and 2017 | digital glass flairThen I lost myself for a few hours, making flair buttons. I have a template for 1.5 inch glass pebbles that I made back in 2008, when I was practicing my glass skills.

I wonder if I can do better, and as I need distracting from feeling under the weather, I launch into Glass Flair Making 2017. Here you can see the templates side by side, and yes, I do prefer the 2017 version.

Once I have the template I make three buttons for the digital scrapbook layout because it’s true; having embellishments in three’s does work well on any page.

Finally I can add the song lyrics, and because I like a few lines from the second verse I add them as faded script on the page, between the lines. Using my trusted print preview of 30% I realised to fit the whole song in the available space means a small font and I want to be able to read it. This works for me, although there is always room for improvement.


  • Digital Brushes: on the pink background, by Designfruit. The free brushes are at the bottom of the linked page.
  • Digital Papers: all created by me.
  • Digital Glass Flairs: created by me.
  • Fonts: Bebas Neue, Mottona Bold from The Hungry JPEG and Veteran Typewriter
  • Lyrics: George Ezra, from the album Wanted On Voyage.
None of the links above are affiliate links; they are for information only. All supplies bought and paid for.

P.S. My husband gave me something too, a little ditty of his own.

Oh Mucky Moo,

I married you,

Sixteen years but still

It feels like new!

Yes, let’s watch George and Ian instead. No, not you dear… the other famous Ian…

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