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I have been digital scrapbooking for over 12 years. My first “hobby love” was cross-stitching and you can see some of my work over at Coal House Designs. Digital scrapbooking took over in 2006 when holding a needle became difficult. I mastered using a mouse with my left hand and perhaps I’m now ambidextrous?

I do have one problem: I can’t manage to handle the traditional scrapbook page size of 12 x 12 inches. Over the years I’ve tried various sizes – 8 x 8 inches, 6 x 6 inches, A4 pages etc. You may wonder “Well if you’re digital, does page size really matter?” Yes, because sometimes I like to see my pages in print. And I am not the only one who might want to see these creations; my husband likes reminders of the things that happened over the year too!

Digital Scrapbooking Made Even Easier

The smartphone, and technology in general, has made digital scrapbooking easier.

This year I have used my phone’s camera, a massive 16 megapixels at my fingertips, for almost all of my photos. I also use Snapseed, an app for editing photos quite a lot more than I thought I would. However, I still do the bulk of my editing, cropping, and general fussing about in Photoshop CC and/or Lightroom.

In 2016 I finally found a page size that works – 7 x 5 inches. Then I found a great app called FreePrints, and their sister app, PhotoBook ( you can find them in the Google Play store) and had two books printed that year, Week In The Life and Come Fly With Me, a scrapbook of my husband’s flying lesson.

The simple, graphic templates I first created a couple of years ago work even better in Photoshop – and it’s so much quicker with clipping masks. Here are some of the templates I regularly use.

photoshop templates for my 6 x 8 photobooks

I like the clean, graphic look with a bit of text and it doesn’t take an age to do. Sometimes I want to emulate a traditional paper-scrapped page, so I convert templates for paper pages to fit my size. This allows me scope to add shadows, play with embellishments and generally have a bit of fun.

An example of a more traditional digital scrapbook page with papers and shadows and fiddly bits!

The example above is a 12 x 12-inch page template adjusted to fit my 6 x 8-inch page. I expect my husband might have something to say about me posting his practice selfie with his new camera, but it makes me smile.

Photobook Love 2016

You can read more about my first completed book in my unashamed brag about how gorgeous it is in Photobook Love 2016. The final book is 6 x 8 inches with a hardcover, the perfect size for my hands and my bookshelf!

Photobook Love | My 2016 Digital Scrapbook |

I now create all my pages to fit 6 x 8-inches and this first photobook was quickly followed by my WITL™ 2017 book.

Week In The Life 2017 | photobook

My book for 2017 used week title cards I created myself. These cards are available in the Free Digital Downloads area.

week title cards numbers vol 1 free digital downloads #projectlife #digitalscrapbooking

I made a huge error when I created the cover for my 2017 book and didn’t notice until the book arrived after printing.

scrapbook 2017 the photobook with it's nice glossy cover

Oh dear!

Digital Scrapbooking Information

I won’t reinvent the wheel and explain in detail about digital scrapbooking here. For a great explanation and colourful examples have a look at A Beginner’s Guide to Digital Scrapbooking by Kate Hadfield.

My Digital Scrapbooking

This digital scrapbooking category link will gather together some examples of my pages.

Updated November 2019
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