Draw A Bird In Silhouette Studio 4

I’m back with a video, this time to show you how to draw a bird in Silhouette Studio 4. This is the new version of the design software for the Silhouette electronic cutting machines. I am not an expert user although I am appreciating more each day how great this program is.

I recently recorded a video about Silhouette Studio Version 4, Small Icons and Panels (the link takes you to my You Tube channel) and needed an introductory image. I hurriedly used a little bird I found nesting on my hard drive for the past eight years, never seeing the light of day. He (or she) is proving popular enough that I thought to offer the bird as a digital download.

But, how much better if I show you how to draw a bird in Silhouette Studio 4 instead? Not only do you get the bird, which you can dress up any way you like, you see how the new version works and where the tools are!

To get started you may still want to download Jane’s original bird. The button below takes you to the free download. [purchase_link id=”1692″ text=”Purchase” style=”button” color=”dark-gray”]

Draw A Bird In Silhouette Studio 4


If you’re new to Silhouette Studio, or not liking Version 4 here is my first video about the new look, panels and how to make the icons bigger.

Silhouette Studio Version 4 – Small Icons and Panels

None of the links above are affiliate links; they are for information only. All supplies, including software, bought and paid for or created by me.
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