Easy Watercolour Effect in PaintShop Pro

Did you know that you can create an easy watercolour effect in PaintShop Pro? I taught myself this technique about ten years ago, and it’s one of my favourites. I remember it took hours of playing with effects, making sure it worked on as many different photographs as possible.

Then I cheated.

Once I finalised the steps I recorded a script. PaintShop Pro uses scripts as Photoshop uses actions.

  • Scripts automate steps so that you don’t have to remember each process yourself.
  • Scripts can be silent, where they run without any user input, or interactive, where the user can still make adjustments to any of the settings.
  • Scripts are a powerful tool within PaintShop Pro for automating repetitive tasks, as well as for creative effects.

I use scripts to automate my Zoom to View function; one click of a camera icon and my image zooms to 30% so I can see it at printed size. I also use a script to quickly set the resolution of photos from my camera to 300 pixels per inch, it’s so quick to click one button on my toolbar and not open a dialog box.

I’m not showing you how to record scripts today, I’ll add that to my list for another time. Today I’m showing how my Watercolour script can transform an ordinary, not so great photograph into a little piece of art. No, it’s not a masterpiece, of course it isn’t, but it’s fun and effective.

Easy Watercolour in PaintShop Pro

To obtain the best effect the original photograph does need to have good splashes of colour and be of relatively good quality. The slightly blurred daffodils in this photo are a good example because the overall effect still works well.

You can Watercolour too!

You can have your own copy of my Watercolour script to create your own masterpieces.The script is not for general sale, but available for a donation. I receive all donations with grateful thanks and use them to support my website and You Tube channel, keeping away adverts.

To obtain your Watercolour Script:

  • Send a request via my contact page for the Watercolour Script.
  • Offer your donation amount.
  • I’ll reply with my PayPal email so you can pay.
  • I’ll send over your Watercolour Script, with a few instructions.

Please allow at least 36 hours for delivery – I might be asleep when you make your request. At weekends or during UK holidays it may take me a little longer to reply, but I promise to be as quick as I can.

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