Escalating | Day 22

Today is proving to be one of those “bitty” days. You know the sort, where you start one job (e.g. writing a blog post) and your helpful website tools decide to tell you all the tweaks you can make to improve performance. After following all the informative links for half an hour, the only escalating on day 22 is my impatience, currently at Level 4: Beware!!

If that wasn’t enough, I had to call on my husband for expert help. My glorious, coloured spreadsheet of time spent on #the100dayproject looped back to 0hrs 50 minutes. Mr Excel strolls over, “Oh yes, it’s 1 day 50 minutes..” Tap, tap, add d in the formula and it’s fixed.

What would I do without him, eh?

escalating | day 22 progress on #the100dayproject recreating the works of Sybil Andrews

Today I did this project before lunch, and the time passed so quickly. The funny heads are tidied up, and tomorrow I can move onto fixing those triangles on the right hand side.

Until then, I’ll go see if I can work out these performance suggestions for the website. Or maybe I should spend some time creating a new product, or planning a new class?

Decisions, decisions!

Time today: 90 minutes/1hr 30m

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