Escalating | Day 23

It’s Wednesday today, this I know because I smiled and thanked our Bin Men this morning. And Escalating Day 23 means my fourth finished piece of art.

Here is my screenshot from within Illustrator, shown with the original by Sybil Andrews.

escalating | day 23 shown with the original by Sybil Andrews.
the original by Sybil Andrews and my finished version

In Photoshop I added the texture overlay, and decided to stop at that. Yoga exercises are helping my headaches and blurred vision, but only on the days I remember to do them! Isn’t it strange how, even when we can see an obvious benefit, we forget to do the thing that helps us?

Escalating, my fourth finished piece for #the100dayproject 2020. A recreation of art by Sybil Andrews.
Escalating | April 2020

After four pieces, how are my Illustrator skills?

Finding my way around Illustrator is definitely easier. I noticed today that there wasn’t the few seconds’ pause of familiarising myself with the workspace. Having said that, I am using the same tools most of the time. It is probably time to continue the class I’m taking, to learn some new techniques before I get too comfortable.

Time today: 105 minutes/1hr 45m

My total time for Escalating: 375 minutes/6hrs 15m over 6 days

My total time for the four pieces completed: 1595 minutes/1 day 2hrs 25m over 23 days.

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