Father’s Day Card Challenge 2017

Katherine, my friend, once again keeps me busy, this time with a Father’s Day card challenge. I have a Pinterest board called Can I Make This In PaintShop Pro?  for those ideas I see and say to myself “I wonder if I can…?”  I am a bit sneaky though; I don’t pin all projects I want to try to this board, unless I have a good idea I can achieve it! Well, I don’t want to look daft when it all goes wrong.

Father's Day Card Challenge | inspirationThis card is an example; I wasn’t entirely sure I’d manage a good version so until today I kept it hidden. You can see it on Pinterest here.

There is a lot to create from scratch; the background papers, the ruler with its markings, and  the tools. I worked on the card over two weeks, first making the background items and that sounds simple but it takes detours into creating brush styles to get the wiggly lines.

Then I have to remember to save my brush as a preset or when I open PaintShop Pro after a break (or if it crashes!) I’ll lose the work I’ve done. The pattern of wiggly lines takes me three or four hours, time well spent because now I have a template for wiggly line patterns in any colour.

The pattern of crosses is much simpler and takes hardly any time at all. Moving on to the ruler, the hardest part is getting a decent colour. I don’t find creating digital metal effects too difficult for screen display. Printing is a different matter; on my white cardstock colours do appear a little flat so my digital metal may simplty look like a grey strip.

How is this for perfectionism? I made all the markings for the digital ruler at exactly 1/8, 1/4, 1/2 and 1 inch intervals.

Father’s Day Card Challenge – the digital version

father's day card challenge | digital version

I also surprised myself with the digital brad on the sentiment mat; it’s got to be one of the best I’ve ever made, and it printed well enough to look realistic too.

Drawing the tools took me a few hours, and I did them over a few days. Creating vector shapes is never a waste of time or effort, and I enjoy the process. I now have a screwdriver, spanner and hammer I can resize and reshape without any loss of quality. Just like a proper toolbox I’ll always have one handy when I need it!

I’m not an artist; I do need a reference image to follow and for the tools I used plain black and white images found in a Google image search. I trace around the image with my vector Pen Tool, and then spend some time finding, or creating, textures to make them appear more realistic.

As I finished the spanner I decide to etch the name into it.

Into the Silhouette

Once I am happy with the design it’s time to pull out the individual elements to create my print and cut Silhouette page. I tried something new for me this time; I cut two plain versions of the tools to layer under the printed version. I’ve seen this done on numerous You Tube videos, usually for card titles, and I thought it would be fun to try it.

Silhouette Studio 4 screenshot | Father's Day card

Everything fits on my A4 page and the moment of truth arrives. Will this card look as good when I print it?

Father’s Day Card Challenge – the printed version

Father's Day Card Challenge 2017 | printed version | janebradbury.com

I think the card turned out better than I expected. My challenger Katherine thinks it’s great, so that’s all that matters.

Father's Day card challange 2017 | the details

Stacking the cut out layers for the tools proved a bit tricky, but it worked and I like the effect. You could use more layers to make them stand up further; on this card I only used foam tape behing the sentiment mat and the hammer.

Well, it’s time for a cup of tea and start looking for my next Can I Make This In PaintShop Pro? challenge! If you want to see my first Can I Make This challenge here’s Happy Easter, Bottoms Up!


  • Materials: All papers and tools, patterns and textures created by me.
  • Card: A4 white coated card from Ryman for printing and A4 black Trophee card from Amazon for the card base.
  • Fonts: Open Sans Semi Bold, Extra Bold and Italic.
  • Printer: HP Envy 5530.
  • Programs: PaintShop Pro X8 and Silhouette Studio 4.
None of the links above are affiliate links; they are for information only. All supplies bought and paid for.