Find Your Voice 3

Lesson 3 of Find Your Voice has been fun and I could probably write a book. Oh, wait, I sort of am writing a book! This week we were looking at our basic facts, and which parts of our story we might like to emphasise.

When I was younger the cry was always “It’s not about my disability, I’m a normal person!” That’s still true, yet I am fascinated by the history of my disability, how other people lived with it, or in those early years did they live at all?

In 100 years from now will someone look back on my photos and diary and wonder at the primitive treatment I was given? Will they wonder how I lived each day, what I did with myself? Did I get married? Have children? How did I travel? What was society like? What world, national or local events occupied our attention?

These are the questions I want to answer, just in case someone out there in the future happens across my story and wants to know more.

Find Your Voice 2015 rukristin

I decided to do a mock book cover and profile, as if I’d really written something worth reading!

Find Your Voice 2015 rukristin


  • Duck: photo by Ian Bradbury, paint effects by me
  • Fonts: Century Gothic, DomBold BT, Jokerman, Veteran Typewriter and Wicker Light SF.