After catching Covid-19 in February 2021, I'm ruminating about getting my vaccine. Now I have to wait a month before I can accept my invitation. 
My idea is that the vaccine will burst the Covid bubble. I try a sketch in Illustrator; since knuckling down to learn the program during lockdown in 2020, Illustrator is now my favourite program.

But I know I can't do a bubble to my satisfaction, so I opt for a balloon instead. 

Conscientiously I keep versions of my progress... Until I go in a completely different direction and produce a poster!
Image description
Covid - this big word along the bottom is hand-drawn in a pale blue. The overlay of get protected in yellow is a font called Cool Britannia by Ian Barnard, with a large outline of the background colour (very dark navy) so that it looks cut out of the word Covid. The second background colour, which comprises a border, my face and arm and the syringe is soft beige. 

I pinched a self-portrait I'm working on and placed it so only half of me is visible. I also pinched an idea from Sandrine Bascouert, and tried to depict this using negative space. That worked for my head and arm but I still wanted a pop of colour. 
My poster - out in the world!
This old, wooden frame, propped against a railing, overlooking a river is perfect - except originally it's red. I've never been adept with the colour changer in Photoshop, but I finally mastered it well enough to change the frame to navy blue, to match my poster. 

Yes, I've had my vaccine - first dose at the time of writing. I am happy to report that the syringe was nowhere near as big as I depict in this poster!

26th April 2021
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