Get Ready For Valentine’s Day

I don’t get ready for Valentine’s Day early, it creeps up on me with surprising speed.  This year my friend Katherine wanted to make a card and doesn’t know where to start. Katherine sees me playing with graphic designs in PaintShop Pro, she sees them translate to paper occasionally and she thinks I know what I am doing.

To get ready for Valentine’s Day we need a little print and cut project. Katherine scoots off to Pinterest and finds two designs she wants to try. I design the cards, create the patterns to imitate what I see and print them. The Silhouette Cameo does the fancy cutting and we’re ready to make our cards.

Unfortunately, neither of my cards will be a surprise for my husband. So pleased with our efforts today were we – I sent him photos!


Get Ready For Valentine's Day | Silhouette Print and Cut Project |

Yes, I could use patterned paper, especially to have the glitter effect, but I don’t have a lot lying about. And how can I emulate embossing when I don’t emboss? That is a problem and the best I can manage is a pattern overlay. It’s not going to win awards for making you want to stroke it, but it works. I find a glitter texture I created years ago and never use; I wonder if it will look good printed. I am happy to report, it does!

I do have a neutral, kraft paper texture that I think will work for the envelope and we both love our little envelopes; they do look good and now I want to make some more.

Above you can see how I lay out my print and cut design in Silhouette Studio. I like being able to print only the amount of colour or texture that I need.

All Cut Up

Our elements are ready, cut and organised by card. It’s time to start sticking, and taking ten minutes to wrestle my new Ranger Wonder Tape from its packaging. By heck, that tape is sticky! I do have a new love; my first Sakura Glue Pen; those tiny hearts would not have been possible without it.

Silhouette print and cut elements

The photos are unedited, so that you can see my digital version as near as possible to my printed versions – ignoring the slightly orange cast from my walls on this bright, sunny afternoon! Katherine bought ribbon from a local market and matched the digital photo so well I didn’t need to change any colours at all.

3 cards made in an hour |

An hour of teaching Katherine the joys of glue and tape she has two cards finished and I have one; I am slow. I completed my second card after she left to meet the children from school. She is over the moon with her cards and is now planning Mother’s Day projects. I am tickled pink that what I see on my screen turns out so well in printed form.

A Closer Look

The sun is fading as I take the detailed images. I resist the temptation to edit the images to make them brighter because I want to show that printing at home can produce good results.

Valentine card close ups |


Digital Versions

  • Patterns and textures – created by me. I am quite proud of the imitation glitter on the hearts.
  • Fonts: Questa (Sending You Love) and Montic (Love) from the HungryJPEG.
  • Ribbons – from Shabby Princess Carousel and Clementine digital kits. (Note: curiously my virus protection is blocking this website so I won’t provide a link.)

Printed Versions

  • White Card – I use A4 coated white card 200gsm, from Ryman Stationers both for card bases and printing.
  • Black Card – Papier Clairefontaine Trophee 160gsm, bought from Amazon.
  • Printer – HP Envy 5530, using the Normal ink setting.
  • Ribbons – from the local market.
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