Halloween 2016 in Silhouette

Halloween celebrations in our home extend to my husband buying one of those big tubs of sweets – just in case any child dare knock on our door that night. Usually we are still eating the sweets at Christmas.

At the end of last month Cathy Zielske produced a free bat card cut file and I loved it. Then I spent a week creating my own version – because maybe I’ll provide a download, and I can only do that with one I’ve created myself. (There is a fly in the ointment – I haven’t worked out how to create a standard SVG cut file yet… only Silhouette Studio files.)

Well, not to let a small detail like that stop me, let me show you what I finally managed to put together.

I do like to be economical when printing and cutting, so I spent a little time thinking of items I could make from one sheet of patterned paper and one sheet of black card.

Halloween Cards and Tags | janebradbury.com

Using PaintShop Pro X8

  • I created the pattern for the paper and printed it, with the borderless setting, on ordinary A4 plain white paper.
  • I drew the bat, large tags and the smaller name tags using vectors. Vectors allow me to resize an image without losing quality, so I only have to draw the bat once and resize for the different items.

Using the Silhouette Cameo

Silhouette Cameo layouts | janebradbury.com

  • I arranged the cards and tags to fit one page.
  • I used basic black shapes (created in PaintShop Pro because I’m better with that!) to cut all the patterned paper. Yes, I could use a paper cutter but I’m never accurate enough.
  • I drew some extra rectangles just to make use of any space left on the page.

Halloween Bat Card and Place Names | Silhouette Cameo

I think these turned out well; my husband will be taking his place name to work to put on his desk. I told him so.

The Leftovers

This week I’ve been watching Vicky Papaioannou and her amazing 10 Cards – 1 Kit videos, so I decided to see what I could do with the bits left from cutting. As I’m a digital girl I don’t have lots of physical supplies because, well, I can’t use them without making an unholy mess! I do have around 9 Versa Color square ink pads, those little ones, and of course, plenty of white card.

For the two extra cards I used Fresh Green and inked the white card; while doing this I had the great idea to use the black outlines as a mask. I think it looked better in my head, but for my first time using ink in over 6 years I think my effort is passable.

Halloween card detail

If I’d thought about it I could have printed “Boo!” in a nice font and used the Silhouette to cut it, but I had to make do with writing it myself in ink. It’s a bit messy but, hey, I made it with my own fair hands and I am happy I gave it a try.