Happy Easter, Bottoms Up!

Cheers, Happy Easter, bottoms up everyone! No, I’m not on the bubbly stuff, I’m happy with my work today. I’m teaching my friend (hello Katherine!) to make cards. She already knows how to cross stitch; I taught her that last year. Now she prowls Pinterest looking for cards she’d like to make – and I do the digital magic.

Of course, the easiest approach is to teach Katherine the Art of Stash Buying; a Big Shot die cutter and innumerable dies, distress inks, enamel dots, cardstock, patterned papers, alphas etc. This approach renders me useless; I can’t teach someone to use what I can’t use myself, except for the odd bit of ink around the edges of card. I can, however, create the equivalent of die-cuts in PaintShop Pro, print via my HP Envy 5530 and cut with my Silhouette Cameo.

Doing it the PaintShop Pro way…

The Inspiration

Easter Bunny card from StampinConnection via PinterestHere is the challenge card, a sweet bunny climbing into a hole in a tree. (See it on Pinterest.) It looks simple, and I suppose it is. The shapes are die-cut, adding ink around the edges.

With my mid-morning cup of tea, around 10.45am I make a start and realise I don’t have any wood-like paper or patterns. I’ll have to draw my own, and this is no time to be Miss Perfect.

I stop for my bacon sandwich at 1.00pm and another cup of tea; this is thirsty work . Oh, I forgot to put on the tumble dryer; and did I switch on the slow cooker? I’ll be in trouble if there’s no dinner tonight!

Moving on to the bunny shapes I ponder how to imitate the inked edges. I decide Cut Out, an effect that adds shadow, and choose a pale pink. Ooh, it works, and looks quite effective.

I’m doing well and I’ll have this done by tea-time!

The Digital Version

Here’s my version, which looks deceptively simple and hides the hours of creating the individual elements. I sit back and admire my handiwork before pulling out all the separate pieces for printing and cutting in the Silhouette.

happy easter bottoms up | digital version in PaintShop Pro

I make a daft mistake with the Silhouette print and cut page, trying to fit everything onto one sheet of A4 card . It looks good, it looks like it will work and it prints and cuts perfectly.

Silhouette Cameo screenshot of the Easter Bunny card

I don’t have coloured card so I need to print the brown and green mats. However, I don’t want to waste ink printing areas I don’t need. I make the brown frame slightly larger than the green so that there is an overlap, and do the same with the brown frame. The idea is that when I stick this card together the pieces overlap and sit atop one another.

Easter Bunny card after print and cut with Silhouette Cameo

The theory didn’t work out so well in practice. The frames are too bendy and I have trouble lining them up properly. In future I shall make any mat borders with a solid centre white piece and not worry about how many sheets of card I use.

On a positive note, look how well the card prints! There’s a hint of pink around the bunny shape, a darker one around the pink pieces for the feet. Overall, I think this is a great first attempt.

Happy Easter, Bottoms Up!

Finally, it’s time to put the card together. This version doesn’t say Happy Easter, but Bottoms Up! and I gave it to my friend Katherine for her birthday.

Happy Easter, Bottoms Up! finished card

You can see how straight those frames are. Oh well, I’ll do better next time. Other than the slightly wonky look I think the card turned out well.

The bunny details in close up

For the flowers and bunny tail I used Nuvo Crystal Drops for the first time. This necessitated emergency assistance from my husband because I couldn’t get the stuff out of the bottle. I had Nuvo all over the place by the time he’d finished! It always looks so easy on the videos I watch…


  • Card: A4 white coated card from Ryman.
  • Fonts: Boiler Typeface, not sure where from.
  • Printer: HP Envy 5530.
  • Card patterns and shapes: made by me.

Finally, take a look at these layers!

As a matter of interest I putlayers in PaintShop Pro created while making Easter Bunny card together a screenshot of all the layers created while making this card.

50 layers.

No wonder my old computer was struggling last week and I had to go and buy a new one!

I do keep my layers intact, to enable me to go back and edit the card for other purposes. However, this is a typical working image when I’m creating cards, especially where I need separate shapes for cutting with the Sillhouette.

This card wins the prize for the most layers – so far.

A Big Shot die cutting machine, stamps and ink looks inviting now, doesn’t it?