Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! Thank you for reading, watching my video tutorials and for all the encouragement and support throughout 2017. It’s been quite a journey, filled with lots of learning and even some projects that turned out well.

New Year’s Day is also my birthday and while I don’t make resolutions, I do spend a little time thinking about what I have done over the past year, and what I want to do in the coming year.

That Was The Year That Was – 2017

You Tube
In February I opened a YouTube channel for sharing video tutorials about PaintShop Pro. In May I created a video about Silhouette Studio and the new update and discovered this is far more popular than PaintShop Pro! It’s also a lot of fun. I have 13 Silhouette Studio videos and 148 subscribers (as of today, thank you!)  and have enjoyed making the videos and even making the projects.

Silhouette Studio and Cameo
I did make cards; quite a few of them, and my paper skills are improving – slightly! I think making over 70 Christmas cards helped; I’ve never made so many and sent so few myself. I even joined a birthday card exchange, not only to give me reason to make cards but for the enjoyment of sending a card to someone.

Drawing and a Traveler’s Notebook
I’m not an artist. I think in a previous life I might have been a great forger because I can see something and have a good attempt at creating something similar. I am not always good at coming up with new ideas. However, I did invest in a Traveler’s Notebook to try my hand at drawing, doodling and perhaps more personal scrapbook pages.

Digital Scrapbooking
I half-heartedly embarked on Week In The Life™ in April. Finishing the project and having a lovely photobook for my shelf makes me happy. I think I tried Day In The Life™ too, but without the same success. I have some photos but didn’t make a photobook or album of any sort.

Last year I aimed to create a full year of pocket calendars and week title cards for ProjectLife style scrapbooking.  Often I have these lofty ideas and lose steam after a few months. Seeing the complete set for 2017 is an achievement I am proud of.

Last night I completed my final page for the yearly photobook, 82 pages in total. I’ll be uploading it for printing later today, once I’ve created a cover page. It’s very satisfying to complete an annual photobook for the second year. Yes, photos were thin for the last two months and I didn’t have lots to say; unexpectedly losing my Mum at the end of October was difficult.

Looking Forward – 2018

I like having my birthday on New Year’s Day; it always feels like a fresh page ready for me to mess up! I learned years ago that fixed resolutions didn’t motivate me, so I don’t make them. Ideas, plans, aims – they seem to inspire me more.

You Tube
Many people have properly scheduled videos but I’ll never manage that. Too many variables make fixed plans to upload videos on certain days unrealistic. Instead, I’ll opt for one video at least weekly, concentrating on Silhouette Studio of course. I’ll also try to expand my knowledge and skill, and not just create cards. If I can record more videos, I will; sometimes getting started is the hardest part because I enjoy it once I’m engrossed in a project.

Silhouette Studio and Cameo
As well as cards I’d like to make a mini album I can bind using my Cinch. Or notebooks, little gift boxes, a matchbook, that accordion-style card someone asked for a few months ago! I also want to design projects I can offer as downloads. One thing they will all have in common is they will be small projects; I can’t manage anything on a big scale!

Digital Scrapbooking
Yes, I think there will be a 2018 photobook. I may design a few different templates for this year, and include more traditional digital scrapbook pages with papers and drop shadows.

One big change I am already making is switching from PaintShop Pro to Photoshop. After 11 years using PaintShop Pro, which I do still love, I have decided to learn Photoshop techniques. One reason is Corel’s insistence on serving up advertisements for products and sales via tray notifications, which no matter how I try I can’t turn off. When I’m selecting a brush tip, there at the bottom is a list of coloured adverts for stuff I can buy. When closing the program another spalsh advert for something else. It’s irritating when I’m recording video and suddenly an advert appears in the corner of my screen, even when the program isn’t open! If you have paid for a program you shouldn’t be subject to intrusive advertisements.

I did start on a new set of pocket calendars and week title cards for 2018. The intention was to have the first 3 months ready just before Christmas. I chose a pop art theme and they are – bold! I started them in September, when it seemed a good idea, ha ha. I’m not certain they will see the light of day; I’ll decide this week if I will carry on with them or not.

Other Projects
I am trying One Little Word® this year and signed up for the class by Ali Edwards. I haven’t decided yet if this will be a photobook project or perhaps the mini album I want to try.

In the spirit of learning and creating I also subscribed to Ali Edwards’ Digital Story Kit because I like the words for each month of 2018. Here are the upcoming story themes for 2018, including change, home, grow, tech, seasons, rest and joy. Again, I have no plan; will the story themes form part of the yearly photobook? Will I also make something more personal, in the Traveler’s notebook?

Well, with all these plans I better go and make some decisions and get started. My very best wishes for a happy, healthy and enjoyable 2018 to you and yours!

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