How To Design: Easy Ornaments in Silhouette Studio

Eh up ducks! Welcome to the tutorial on how to design easy ornaments in Silhouette Studio. It is three weeks until Christmas and I am woefully unprepared, how about you?

For Christmas cards, I need something easy, yet stylish and quick to assemble. Perhaps also something that doesn’t have to look perfect.

This inspiration image could work, flowers… Until it’s turned upside down, then they are easy ornaments. And they’re all different and wiggly, that should get me over the perfection hurdle.

our inspiration from pinterest; hand drawn flowers, flipped vertically to become christmas ornaments
flowers?? ornaments!!

I’m using the Designer Edition of Silhouette Studio for this tutorial; if you have the basic/standard/free version you can still follow along. There is one method you’ll just need to do “longhand” rather than using a shortcut and I explain that in the video.

Tackling my tendency to fiddle endlessly with designs in the hope that they are perfect, I employed a new strategy. When editing the circles so that they looked a little wiggly, I set a timer of 3 minutes on my phone. That wasn’t quite long enough to complete all the circles, but I did finish my tweaking within 5 minutes.

how to design easy ornaments in silhouette studio, an screenshot of the postcard design of three ornaments and merry christmas
this is the postcard version of my design

My Finished Cards

I made two Christmas cards, but all the elements for the print and cut didn’t quite fill the page. With a little bit of resizing, I have a 3 1/2 x 5-inch postcard. To add a little interest. the top left ornament disappears over the edge. Only the postcard itself is cut so there is no need to edit the ornament overlapping the cut line; it is simply discarded during the print and cut.

a photo of my finished easy ornaments christmas cards
two standard cards and two postcards

The colours are not traditional for Christmas, but I really like how these cards turned out.

With this how to design easy ornaments in Silhouette Studio project, I set myself the challenge to create something:

  • easy,
  • yet stylish,
  • doesn’t have to look perfect, and
  • quick to assemble.

Did I succeed with my goal? I think so. I certainly curbed my obsession with making everything look perfect; what is perfect anyway?

a more detailed photo of the finished Christmas cards
a closer look at my finished print and cut

How quick is this project to make? Well, I made a rough effort at timing myself to find out. Designing the cards was the most time-consuming part because I was also talking and explaining what I was doing.

  • 30 mins – designing the cards and preparing for printing and cutting;
  • 2 mins – printing, while I had a cup of tea;
  • 15 mins – Cameo cutting and doing wheelies to and fro between my desks;
  • 15 mins – sticking the cards together.

My total time is around an hour, and I have two full cards and two postcards. Yes, I think I can say this is a quick project. It’s almost as quick as last year’s Christmas card, which is still one of my favourites.

This video marks the opening of my new YouTube channel, thejbdigitals. I hope you’ll subscribe so that you don’t miss any of my future tutorials. Most of all, my hope is that you find the tutorial useful.

How To Design: Easy Ornaments in Silhouette Studio


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