Jigsaw Tag Teacher Thank You

I do wonder if should share this video, the quality is decidedly shoddy. Oh well, in for a penny, in for a pound. This week I have a jigsaw tag, a teacher thank you gift requested by my friend Katherine. Her idea is a jigsaw puzzle piece with the words “Thank you for being part of my learning.”  One puzzle piece didn’t look right to me, so I made a complete mini jigsaw, with a piece cut out.

I created the design in PaintShop Pro as usual, but didn’t record it. We’ve had illness in the house this past week and also, I wasn’t sure it would turn out well enough to share! Instead, I have the wondeful idea of a video showing the next stage of the process; using my Silhouette Cameo to print and cut, and put it all together.

It sounds great – in theory. The practice is a different story.

I don’t have video equipment, so use my phone camera video capability, but the focus is, downright awful really. However, it’s not a process video as such, so the clear detail isn’t entirely necessary. I share this more as an insight into how playing with paper isn’t an easy, relaxing hobby when your arms and hands don’t like obeying commands!

Jigsaw Tag Teacher Thank You

There is an accompanying free download for this project, if you would like to make a better job of it yourself.

Jigsaw Tag Teacher Thank You

Here’s a photo of my finished tag. I think in future I’ll stick to recording myself using PaintShop Pro eh?

Jigsaw Thank You Tag for teacher appreciation gifts


  • Cardstock: Bazzill 8 1/2 x 11 ins Kraft for the base from Hey Little Magpie, A4 Coated White Card from Ryman (UK)
  • Patterned Paper: my own design of stripes
  • Fonts: Arial Black, Kirsten ITC
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