Making Cards Is Easy…Sometimes!

This is the internet, let’s only talk about successes. Making cards is easy…Sometimes. And usually when I’m not trying too hard to be perfect.

Birthdays… Are Made For Shopping is my most popular card, here and on Pinterest. Which is no surprise, because with its simple shapes and classic black and white design, this card is easy to make and to embellish with bright, colourful tissue paper.

Making Cards Is Easy… Always!

Birthdays Are Made For Shopping gets a little makeover.

Birthdays.. Are Made For Shopping | my most popular making cards is easy example
make this card in colour!

Why not make this card in your favourite colours? Or your recipient’s favourite colours?

Birthdays Are Made For Shopping – Buy it Now!

This new version provides:

  • an SVG template for building the shopping bags individually;
  • 6 different font choices;
  • an A4 and Letter-sized template for layout, print and cut.
the SVG template files for building the shopping bags and 6 font variations
the template SVG files to build your card

For more information on how to make this card, have a read below where I describe my first attempt.

For more SVG cards from me, tootle over to my Gumroad Shop. Did you know you can follow me on Gumroad too, so that you’ll know when I release a new product?

Birthdays Are Made For Shopping

originally written 28 February 2017

Time is running out to make a birthday card, everything hurts, and I’m not feeling creative. I spot an idea on Pinterest – shopping bags with red tissue paper poking out. Oooh, everything still hurts but now? Well, this looks like it will be fun to make.

I draw the bags, using vector rectangles. For the handles I use the Pen Tool and Bezier Curves; in English, Photoshop has a Pen Tool and you can draw smooth, curvy vector lines – perfect for bag handles. Vectors differ from pixel or raster layers you can manipulate the layers repeatedly, without losing any quality. (This is before I’d mastered Adobe Illustrator, which is even better for vector drawing.)

For the bag decorations, I raid my patterns folder. You can’t go wrong with polka dots or stripes and they have the advantage of being quick and easy to create too. This flower pattern that I created completes the trio of shopping bag patterns.

How lucky is it that I recently ordered new clothes, delivered wrapped in tissue paper? I saved three or four sheets, thinking I might use them one day and they work perfectly for this card.


The sentiment, as well as the bags, are all printed via Silhouette Studio and I chose black-goes-with-anything-ink; black and white always looky classic together.

To make the card base I cut one sheet of A4 cut in half, and then fold each piece in half again. This produces a finished card size of 4.14 x 5.845-inches (10.5 x 14.8cm), or A6 here in the UK. To leave a border, or mat, around the edge I cut the front design slightly smaller.

Printing with black can sometimes smudge if handled too soon. Time is tight to finish this card, but I leave it to dry for a day before cutting with my Silhouette Cameo.

Sticky foam squares raise the shopping bags, to add depth and interest to the finished card and also provide room for the tissue paper. However, trying to stick the tissue behind the bags once they were in place is a mistake. Yes, this is very awkward; for future cards, I’ll add the tissue before the foam squares and use a little glue to keep the paper in place.

a side view of birthdays are made for shopping | print and cut SVG file
a closer look at the raised shopping bag and tissue paper

The Verdict

With hours to spare, I finish the birthday card and I absolutely love the simple black and white design. And making cards is easy when you enjoy constructing the layers and adding your own personal touch.

The true test, of course, is whether the recipient loves it too! (Edit: She did! And will probably get variations of the same card in the future!)


Birthdays Are For Shopping

  • Bags with their patterns: drawn by me
  • Fonts: Zooky Squash from The Hungry JPEG

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