Making Cards Is Easy…Sometimes!

This is the internet, let’s only talk about successes. Making cards is easy…When they turn out as well as these two do. March is a busy month for cards, with a birthday, Mother’s Day and Easter. Oh, I haven’t thought about Easter yet!

Birthday Shoes

I made this card for my Mum to give to my mother-in-law on her birthday. I love high heels; can’t wear them but love looking at their sleek lines. The shoe image is from Storyblocks, and I want to add interest, rather than just plonk it on the card.

A little bit of careful erasing removes the flower embellishment, and now I can use the shoe in my Silhouette and cut it out. I practiced the placement within PaintShop Pro so that I knew it would work – in theory at least! A decorative scallop border, picking the colour from the shoe and a flowing font complete the card.

Making Up

I try something different, printing the entire background on A4 white card. The text, border and the shoe with its flower decoration, and on the back my design information. It worked for this card, but it’s not a method I will employ regularly. Sometimes the paper does not go through the printer evenly, in spite of my best efforts to line it up. When I try this method again on another card, the result is uneven sides and I think I will stick with printing card fronts separately.

The second shoe goes via the Silhouette for the print and cut treatment. It is raised on foam squares, and placement is relatively easy because I’ve already tried it within PaintShop Pro. Of course, foam squares are very sticky, so I gently move the shoe around until I am sure it’s in the right place.

I used up my creative ideas on this card and almost ran out of time to make our own card.

Birthdays Are For Shopping

I am not feeling creative, time is running out, everything hurts, and I spot an idea on Pinterest – shopping bags with red tissue paper poking out. Oooh, everything still hurts but now I can have fun too.

I draw the bags, using vector rectangles. For the handles I use the Pen Tool and Bezier Curves; in English, PaintShop Pro has a vector Pen Tool and you can draw smooth, curvy lines – perfect for bag handles. For the decorations I raid my patterns folder, decide you can’t go wrong with simple dots and stripes, with the addition of a flower pattern I made last week.

How lucky is it that I recently ordered new clothes, delivered wrapped in tissue paper? I saved three or four sheets, thinking I might use them one day and they work perfectly for this card.

Making Up

I return to my usual method of printing the card front only, to cut using the Silhouette and use black cardstock for the base card. Printing with black can sometimes smudge, so I left this to dry for a day before using the Silhouette to cut out the bags and put the card together.

I raise each bag on sticky foam squares and tuck in the tissue paper. Working out the placement in PaintShop Pro first means my bags line up. I am not good at managing this without the digital positioning practice beforehand.

I think these cards are great but the true test, of course, is that my mother-in-law loves them.


Birthday Shoes

  • Shoe: from Storyblocks
  • Scallop edge: made by me
  • Fonts: Montic from The Hungry JPEG, Open Sans Light
  • Card: A4 white coated card from Ryman

Birthdays Are For Shopping

  • Bags with their patterns: drawn by me
  • Fonts: Zooky Squash from The Hungry JPEG
  • Card: A4 white coated card from Ryman and A4 black Trophee card from Amazon
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