Making Composite Images in Silhouette Studio Process Video

My final video in the Quentin Spells series addresses making composite images in Silhouette Studio, and even Quentin is doing a happy dance for this one. I appear to have saved the easiest video until last, so it’s also a shorter process and perhaps another reason to be happy? Thank you for being patient; I have not had enough rest lately (my own fault) and wore myself out and needed a long rest.

Composite Images or Mixing Images Together

When it comes to ideas for using the graphics we download we can find ourselves stumped. I know I am. Suddenly faced with these lovely images I can’t seem to put them together to make one, coherent card, image cluster or scrapbook page. I look at the images as presented by the artist and can’t see past them to make something different myself.

In this video I do something very simple; I exchange a wand for a broomstick and add a potion bottle to Quentin’s hands.

making composite images in Silhouette Studio -

Neither are big changes of themselves, but they give me a different Quentin pose. And there’s nothing wrong with starting small. Learning to make simple changes successfully means I might make more intricate changes to other images in the future.

Quentin Spells – Making Composite Images in Silhouette Studio


  • Graphics: The Wise Wizard from The Hungry JPEG
  • Fonts: Open Sans.
  • Program: Silhouette Studio V4 – Business Edition.
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