Making Fun Newsletter Images

This morning I’ve been making fun newsletter images. TAG, The Arthrogryposis Group UK have a Family Weekend coming up in October, and this newsletter provides all the nitty-gritty details. I wanted to make it ineteresting because there’s a lot of text and numbers to get through.

The problem is people with Arthrogryposis are a distinctive bunch, especially those of us with the classic form affecting both arms and legs. I thought about pulling random crowd and meeting photos together from a stock photo site, but it’s a bit daft. There’s no wheelchair in sight for a start, and there’ll be all manner of transportation on show that weekend! Perhaps there should be an official photographer too, to snap some stunning promotional pics for future use? That’s not a bad idea.

Making Fun Newsletter Images in PaintShop Pro X9

I thought about recording a video today, but I’m waiting for a plumber and interruptions are likely . Instead, I’ll share some screenshots of the process.

And just as I write that the plumber calls to say he can’t make it until tomorrow!

So, shall I record a quick video instead? Oh, go on then – but first, a cup of tea to wet my whistle! Meanwhile, here’s a look at the images I create in the video…

making fun newsletter images

digital glass info button | janebradbury.comI also used the TAG colours to make a digital glass info button. I know they’re usually blue around the internet, but TAG’s colours are orange, and I think this looks rather lovely!

Time for the video? I think it might also be time for another cup of tea!






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