Mondrian Wishes Silhouette Studio Video

Welcome to the first tutorial of 2018, the Mondrian Wishes Silhouette Studio  process video. I even kept it (relatively) short, just a smidgen over half an hour. That’s good for me, you know how long I can witter on for usually…

I admit that returning to recording videos, and being creative generally, is not easy. Tired and grumpy, i feel like I might have a cold brewing. Also, putting my Mum’s home up for sale this month makes it clear she isn’t here and won’t be popping down to make me a cup of tea. I am trying to be positive, in small ways. I am almost a Photoshop expert (ha!) having spent the last four days trying to create various display graphics. I don’t think I’ll regret my decision to switch from PaintShop Pro, once I understand what on earth I am doing.

The birthday card I make in the video I did last year for a card exchange. When I do these tutorials I like to know that what I show you works in the real world, that if you try it you should get the same result. Always allowing for differences in printers and such. Here is my finished card:

finished birthday card Mondrian Wishes |

After the decoration of Christmas I like the clean lines of this card, and the bright colours.

Mondrian Wishes Silhouette Studio  Video

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