More Stickers In Silhouette Studio 4

I promised more stickers in Silhouette Studio 4, and in this video I deal with different shapes and a look at the Nest Panel feature. Following last week’s video, How To Print and Cut Stickers in Silhouette Studio 4,  a couple of people told me they managed to produce their own set of stickers. It always makes me happty that my instructions work!

We talked about simple rectangle stickers in the first video, and this video tackles different shapes. Many people like to print cartoon characters or other clip art images as stickers. Such imagse are popular for decorating planners or Traveler’s Notebooks because they are colourful and require no additional sticky stuff.

Simple Animal Stickers

More Stickers in Silhouette Studio 4 |

I chose simple animal shapes with only one or two colours to work with. The light and dark shades provide us with enough difference to work on our Tracing skills. The penguin loses his feet because he has a darker body, so we have to increase the threshold for tracing. The elephant has such a light colour on his tusk that the threshold needs boosting all the way to 100%.

Stickers often have a border around the main image, and usually this is white. When using a border the original image trace doesn’t have to be too accurate. I resize my image first before adding the border. In my experience this makes getting the right size of the sticker border easier.

Don’t forget to turn off/ make transparent any cut line around the original image. Forget this and you’ll cut out the image and the border separately; I know because I’ve done it!

Stickers Without Borders

There are occasions where you want to use images on sticker paper but without a border. Perhaps you want to use coloured backgrounds and not have an extra white space around your images. With these simple animal characters this isn’t difficult to achieve. The elephant presented a slight problem because the trace isn’t so accurate on the light blue colour. On a white background the slight white edge left by the trace, between the red cut line and the image, probably won’t be noticeable.

tracing around an elephant

To eliminate this white edge use a small internal offset, a technique that works well for all manner of images. The offset has a slight overlay colour so you can see it within the original elephant image.

using an offset to remove a white edge around a traced image in silhouette studio

Let’s Get Nesting

The most time-consuming part of creating stickers can be arranging the images on the page, especially when you want to reduce any waste paper. I don’t mind the arrangement phase; a cup of tea and something to listen to and I’m happy to fiddle with images for hours!

A handy feature called Nesting is available to help with arrangement, if you have Designer or Business Edition upgrades to Silhouette Studio. I find it useful to begin the arrangement of images, but sometimes it does have hiccups and aligns images on top of each other. Of course, this might be operator error; I have to admit I haven’t used it enough to know it’s optimum settings.

I hope this second video helps you with more options for your own sticker sheets. I’m off to practice with some more ideas and images for next time.


  • Graphics: 24 Animals from The Hungry JPEG.
  • Program: Silhouette Studio V4 – Business Edition.
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