Motorbikes | Day 1

The image of motorbikes caught my eye immediately. I can almost hear the noise of the engines, and imagine the wind in my face, even though I’ve never ridden a motorbike!

Here begins my 100 days of Sybil Andrews. My intention is to draw digital versions of Sybil’s linocut images for #the100dayproject. Choosing an artist to emulate takes away that friction of thinking what to do every day. By copying Sybil’s style I hope to understand how the compositions work, to get a feel for the energy and flow. Ultimately I want to be able to create my own piece of art in this wonderful style.

Motorbikes, Day 1

Motorbikes, Day 1. The original by Sybil Andrews on the left and my version drawn in Adobe Illustrator on the right. 100 days of Sybil Andrews
Sybil’s original art on the left and my version on the right.

I may change the colours soon but for now, I like this combination. I shall have to be strict with myself, and not exchange procrastinating about what to draw for choosing a colour palette!

There is a second benefit to #the100dayproject; I am also learning Adobe Illustrator. I could probably work more quickly in Photoshop, but the reason for this project is no speed. In these times of combating the Sars-CoVid-2 virus, it’s about occupying my time, and my mind.

Time today: 75 minutes/1hr15

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