Motorbikes | Day 12

Vroooom! And there they go, heading into the first corner…

Here is the comparison with Sybil’s original art. This is my Illustrator version, with no special effects, shadows or textures. If the file wasn’t so complex, full of tiny shapes all over the place, I would spend time making different colour versions.

That’s one reason for returning to this project piece later in the year; I’d like to improve it and make it easier to edit.

my progress on Motorbikes, #the100dayproject
the original by Sybil and my teal and purple bikers

Time today: 210 minutes/2hrs 10m

my finished Motorbikes, #the100dayproject featuring work by Sybil Andrews
racing ’round the bend

In Photoshop I added an off-white background, an overlay of noise to add texture and frame with shadow. I can imagine this on my wall and now it’s finished, I love it!

My total time for this first instalment of #the100dayproject is 790 minutes / 13hrs 10mins.

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