Motorbikes | Days 8 to 11

Not only is my working Illustrator file a mess, I am too.

  • No progress images because I forgot to save them.
  • One day completely missed.
my progress on Motorbikes, #the100dayproject
I’m happier with this now

As I didn’t like my first speedy swooshes, I redrew them. The lines look too uniform, rather than the loose curves I was aiming for, but they’re good enough.

Time over 3 days: 265 minutes/4hrs25m

  • Tuesday: 40 minutes
  • Wednesday: the day off
  • Thursday: 50 minutes
  • Friday: 215 minutes/3hrs35m Making up the time I missed on Wednesday!

These motorbike riders capture my imagination, but this is a complicated piece with which to start my Illustrator practise. Perhaps I’ll draw it again at the end of this #100dayproject and see if my technique has improved.

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