#myselfiescrapbook 1

Wandering around the internet I found myself inspired by a hastag, #myselfiescrapbook. I’m not entirely sure why it’s caught my interest but suddenly I’d got out my pink camera and I was off!

All the original blog posts from the organisers of the hashtag are gone, so all that’s left here is my little effort.

April 22nd

The first three prompts: feet, what I carry and my hands.


I was a bit tired after all my sudden activity! I do have good reason for this; I’m two months into recovery from surgery to remove a metre of inflamed bowel (a.k.a. doctors decide I have Crohn’s Disease not ulcerative colitis after 18 years of misdiagnosis) and an 11cm ovarian cyst (oh, take them both, I don’t need them any more and I am NOT coming back for more surgery!)

April 23rd

I love this #fromwhereIstand prompt, I think I’ll use it again.


April 26th

More #fromwhereIstand as a prompt so I took some more photos while I was out today. The feet belong to my wonderful husband, Ian, not some random person’s feet I just happened to have in the shot!


April 30th

Prompt #3 was about comparing four of something. I’ve not been as active with the camera this week, so I scoured my photos for previous selfies and found these to go with one from last week.


I loved that pink pencil! I was using selections to practice selective colouring and also following a daily photo prompt and this was one of the first attempts at using the timer to photograph myself.


  • Font: Digs My Hart from Fonts for Peas, Veteran Typewriter and my own handwriting before arthritis made it unreadable!

I didn’t actually finish the prompts, but I enjoyed my first foray back into the world of digital photos and scrapbooking. I’m planning more!