New Life For Old Photos Process Video

Today’s video challenge: is there new life for old photos? It depends; how’s that for sitting on the fence? There are some old photos that may prove immune to digital editing. Today, I was fortunate that the photo my Mum dropped on my table yesterday made a relatively good subject for this process video.

new life for old photos paintshop pro video processThe original photo, taken in 1978, shows the brothers and sisters of my Mum’s family with their repsective partners. From left to right we have the sisters, Margery (Roger), Winifred, my Mum (Peter), Dorothy (Ken), Enid (Ted) and two brothers at the back, Wilf (Dorothy) and Den (Joan). It’s a poignant photo; my Mum is the last surviving member of the brothers and sisters.

I didn’t know how successful I’d be. I remember the suit my Mum is wearing, which helps me when it comes to editing colour. The rest of the editing is about balancing that mustard-coloured wall and trying to remove digital noise from the scan.

The video lasts around 32 minutes, but my original editing process took me no more than 15 minutes. The final result is a photo we can send off to print, and have copies to give out  when we go to a family reunion next month.

New Life For Old Photos

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