On My Mind – Silhouette Studio Process Video

You’re on my mind, a Silhouette Studio process video that’s about seven weeks overdue! My two previous Silhouette Studio videos about drawing have proved popular and presented me with a dilemma. I am not a great artist, nor particularly imaginative and PaintShop Pro has always been my main focus. On top of that, I’m still learning Silhouette myself. I need practice, I told myself.

I hope you think that practice has been worth it. It’s certainly true that while I have learned quite a lot over the last few weeks, there is so much more to learn. I’m looking forward to future projects and improving my skills so that I can help you get the msot out of your Silhouette Studio.

For this video I use a card from Pinterest as inspiration. You can find it on my Can I Make This In Silhouette Studio or PaintShop Pro board. In the image below it’s the card on the left with the white border.

on my mind silhouette studio process video

The card in the middle is a screenshot of the card I make in Silhouette Studio. I don’t always print and cut every project from a tutorial, but I did make this one, and that’s at the bottom right of the above image. You can see that it’s not far from the original, and my printing and cutting produces a lovely card.

Yes, my sticking card down in a straight line still needs work!

Here’s the video, and below that I’ll list the supplies and other useful links.

On My Mind – Silhouette Studio Process Video


  • Digital Papers: Shabby Princess Autumn Chic – Floral, Carousel – Natural, Sandbox – Sky and Sprout – Aqua.
    • (NOTE: My VirginMedia WebSafe app tells me this website is unsafe. I think it may be to do with outdated scripts running, as Shabby Princess is no longer actively designing. You can, however, take a risk and purchase her designs. I’ve had mine a long time! )

    Here is another Shabby Princess site that doesn’t have a warning, and the downloads are all free.

  • Font: Open Sans.
  • Card: A4 white coated card from Ryman for printing and A4 black Trophee card from Amazon for the card base.
  • Printer: HP Envy 5530.

This link takes you to the category page for all my Silhouette Studio Videos. You know, in case you’d like to see more!

None of the links above are affiliate links; they are for information only. All supplies bought and paid for.
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