Photobook Love 2016 Edition

Happy New Year! I hope 2017 treats you kindly and may you be as lucky as me and discover Photobook Love. You may remember I tried out the Photobooks app last year, printing the best photobook in the world – probably. Impressed by the quality of that book, my 2016 digital scrapbook started its journey into print on New Year’s Eve.

The Photobook Process

I didn’t decide to send the book for printing until 9.15pm on 31st December 2016. I still had three or four pages to finish, and only half my pages were in JPG format ready to upload. What else is there to do while waiting for my birthday fireworks at midnight?

  1. I knuckled own and found acceptable photos for the last few days and wrote a few words.
  2. I’ve used ACDSee for over 11 years yet tonight is the night I discover it will change file format from layered pspimage to JPG with a Batch Process that takes a minute or so for over 40 pages. I live and learn.
  3. I whisked all the images into One Drive so I could access them easily from my phone.
  4. I opened up the Photobooks app, selected all the images, imported them into a 7 x 5 inches book and realised I’d forgotten to make a cover.
  5. I make a cover with one of my husband’s snow photos. There, all done. I don’t have to reorder the pages because I name them so that they import in sequence.
  6. I upgrade to the hardcover version 8 x 6 inches. I get 20 pages free and pay for the other (gulp!) 62 and don’t faint at the final price of £32.34 including £5.99 postage.

I finish and sit back with a well-deserved mug of hot chocolate before 11pm. Damn, there’s still an hour to fill….

Photobook Love

Yesterday my 2016 Photobook of the Year arrived – and it’s gorgeous.

Photobook Love | My 2016 Digital Scrapbook |

As usual my photos don’t do the book justice. The snow photo looks stunning as the sturdy hardcover, and the inside, textured fly pages are ideal for writing a dedication if the book is a gift. The photos are on glossy paper too, and the print quality is superb, any blurriness here is my shaky hand! Yes, there is a difference in the white background; that’s my choice because the digital kit I used was an off-white and I didn’t want to alter all my pages half-way through the year.

It occurred to me after ordering that perhaps I should see if it’s possible to change the background colour? For 2017 my pages are all white so when I upgrade this year it won’t be an issue. Fortunately the difference in white backgrounds is not distracting enough to ruin enjoyment of this book.

If you live in the UK, do any kind of digital scrapbooking or simply want a photobook try the Photobooks app. You can sample a free 7 x 5 inches soft cover book of 20 pages every month for the price of postage, just £5.99. Hopefully you’ll enjoy the experience of Photobook Love too!