Print and Cut Stickers Class

Print and Cut Stickers Class with Silhouette Studio on Skillshare, called Stickers She Said

In my print and cut stickers class I’ll show you how I create stickers I’m proud of – every time. Stickers, She Said is a step-by-step guide to making the best print and cut stickers you can.

Now, I love working in Adobe programs like Illustrator and Photoshop, but this class is all about another program – Silhouette Studio.

Silhouette Studio is brilliant for learning about vectors. Vector shapes and type can be edited without losing any quality. This makes vectors perfect for use with a cutting machine.

It’s entirely possible I am biased because I can’t use scissors for love nor money!

  • Perhaps you already have a Silhouette machine, a Portrait or Cameo?
  • Have you struggled with the software?
  • Why can’t you get the cuts you want?
  • Is it worth buying a cutting machine at all?

This class might just have the answer to help you.

What You Need

I’ll assume that you know how to download software and follow instructions. Installing Silhouette Studio software or setting up a machine is not covered in this class.

Other than that, you can be an absolute beginner, or someone with a little experience in Silhouette Studio. 

I will be using the Standard Version of Silhouette Studio and it is completely free. Also, enrol in my class for Silhouette Studio on Skillshare using this link, and you’ll get a 14-day free trial of all premium classes.

This gives you an excellent opportunity to not only try out this class, but also the software before making any big purchase.

Yes, you will only be able to do the final cutting of your sticker project if you have a cutting machine. But by keeping your shapes simple you could use scissors to cut out your stickers.

What We’re Making

I’ll explain the tools as we are creating, and also point out some of the puzzling quirks that can make Silhouette Studio frustrating and make you want to tear out your hair. Starting with the workspace we’ll set our preferences, find our way around and jump into designing simple sticker shapes..

What if you’re not keen on making stickers?

Well, the tools and techniques you’ll learn are the basis for tackling any project with Silhouette Studio. And for using a Cameo or Portrait machine. You can create all kinds of projects e.g. vinyl decals, 3D cards, t-shirt designs, wall designs, earrings… I’ve saved a few ideas on my Pinterest board, Stickers, She Said that might whet your appetite.

Wouldn’t it be fabulous if this print and cut stickers class answered some of your questions?

Well, I really hope that it does!

Skillshare love Class Projects so we will create an A4 or US Letter-sized sheet of custom stickers. Shown below are the sticker designs I created while recording this class.

the 2 sticker sheets I make in this class

Class Contents

So, what’s in this class? I’ll show you will help you make stickers for any size planner, journal, or Traveler’s Notebook. And we’ll have practise exercises along the way as we learn:

  • How to create a page template that will cut two sheets of stickers from one sheet of paper;
  • How to make a template page of sticker shapes.
  • Save the templates so that they can be reused for future projects.
  • What tools are available in Silhouette Studio including:
    • shapes and lines
    • point editing
    • the replicating panel
    • the modifying panel
  • What the Weld command does.
  • About importing images for designing the stickers
  • To use the text panel.
  • How to set cut line settings and print bleeds for lovely, clean stickers.
  • To set up a Print and Cut Page with Registration Marks.
  • How to use the Send panel.
  • How to change materials, blade settings and cut options.
  • Print!
  • Cut!
  • Stick!!

I’d love to see your stickers, if you’d like to share them:

Silhouette Studio

Download the software here:

 Machine Setup – start here and follow the instructions:

There are plenty of tutorials here too:

Here are some free resources you might like:


Three fonts I really like (and forget to use in this class!):

 Chisel Mark

Lemon Cookie



 There are lots of free resources at:


 The Hungry JPEG



With thanks to:

  • Ian, my husband, for keeping me fuelled with copious mugs of tea, Earl Grey, hot.
  • Becki, for her constant encouragement.
  • Katherine, for cleaning around me whilst I was (supposedly) working.


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