How To Print and Cut Stickers in Silhouette Studio 4

Last year I bought sticker paper with a view to making my own sticky lables and digital elements for my Traveler’s Notebook. At last I face my fear and show you how to print and cut stickers in Silhouette Studio 4 – and actually print them on the sticker paper! I’ve had my little labels made for over a year and happily print and cut them – just never on actual sticker paper.

A viewer asked about stickers on my YouTube channel recently:

I made my sticker sheet in Photoshop how can I trace one image and make cut lines within a single image with multiple images in it. If that makes sense. Thanks.

I realised it’s time to stop being daft and tackle the sticky question and have a go with sticker paper.

How To Print and Cut Stickers in Silhouette Studio 4

If you’re a regular reader or viewer you will know I am happy with the process of print and cut. I have found settings that work perfectly for my paper and Stampin’ Up! card. I am not so quick to try new materials, hence my reluctance to use the sticker paper I bought about eight months ago. It’s silly of me; using sticker paper will be a great addition to my skills.

While I can show you cut settings that work for me, it doesn’t replace the need for doing your own test cut. All paper is different; I sometimes think each machine is different too, with its own personality and what it will do!

how to print and cut stickers in silhouette studio 4 | text cut |

The default settings for Sticker Paper, White cut through both layers, the paper and the backing. This may not happen with every brand of sticker paper though, which is why it’s important to do the test cut. My second test cut where I changed the Force = 4 works much better.

Don’t make the same mistake as me and do the test cut at the top of the page near the registration mark. Fiddling with the paper to check the results meant registration failed – and I had to print a new sheet of labels.  You can move the position of the test cut using the four arrows at the bottom right of the Send screen. The arrows move the blade housing on the page. Once you are happy with the position click Test and your machine will do a test cut.

send screen in silhouette studio 4

My first use of sticker paper is fairly successful, if we count the ruined first page. Overall the process was easy and any problems were of my own making. I did end my day with a a usable set of stickers, which I additionally cut into groups of three for easier handling.

If only I could stick a label straight! Oh well, maybe I’ll get better with practice.

finished print and cut sticker sheets |

This first video deals with simple labels, like the ones above. In my next video I’ll explore irregular shapes, for example cartoon characters or flowers, other methods of page layout within Silhouette Studio and how to cut pre-prepared full page sticker sheets.


  • Materials: All-purpose A4 inkjet sticker paper from eBay.
  • Design: created by me.
  • Fonts: Boiler Typeface and Open Sans .
  • Printer: HP Envy 5530.
  • Programs: Silhouette Studio V4 Business Edition and Photoshop CC 2018.
None of the links above are affiliate links; they are for information only. All supplies bought and paid for.
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